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Successful Journeys Integrated Care (SJIC) provides therapeutic programs for adults impacted by mental illness in a community-based setting. SJIC is comprised of adult behavioral health residential treatment and rehabilitation services through an integrated model for the stabilization of medical and behavioral health issues.

Our wide varieties of programs are individualized to meet each person’s unique needs to learn skills for community living.

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SJIC offers a comprehensive behavioral health community-based residential program for individuals with chronic behavioral, substance use, and general healthcare issues, by allowing the individual to live in the community while being treated. Our priority is to provide protective oversight and opportunities for people to live as independently as possible while receiving treatment. This program focuses on symptom relief and managing feelings, which is delivered through our four tenets enmeshed from counseling, health care management, community integration, and service coordination. Our integrated healthcare model helps to develop skills enabling members to live independently with minimal support.

SJIC also offers rehabilitation, support, and transportation services to behavioral health recipients. These services include:

  • behavioral health prevention education,

  • peer support (individual or group)

  • supervised behavioral health day treatment

  • skills training and development (individual or group)

  • comprehensive community support services

  • psychosocial rehabilitation living skills training

  • psychoeductional service (pre-job training and development)

  • ongoing support to maintain employment

  • home care training

  • family support

  • personal care services

  • non-emergency transportation

We have several locations to serve you better.

Buckeye, Arizona

Our Buckeye residential facility is a co-ed 6 bed program.

Goodyear, Arizona – *Personal Care Services

Our Goodyear residential facility is a co-ed 6 bed program to include personal care services for members who have behavioral and medical issues.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Our Flagstaff residential facility is a co-ed 7 bed program.

Community Living Program

Successful Journeys currently operates three residential facilities (Buckeye, Goodyear, and Flagstaff Arizona). Our behavioral residential homes are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS).Our homes provide 24-hour protective oversight with a well-designed at-home environment for 6-7 members exclusively. Professional staff and highly trained employees supervise social/recreational activities, client medication compliance, perform mental health and medical assessments, create individualized treatment plans, conduct individual and group counseling sessions while utilizing evidence-based theories implemented through an Eclectic orientation. Each home is equipped with a passenger van to ensure the safe transportation of our Members.

Community Habilitation Services (Central Phoenix)

Centrally located in Phoenix, this program encompasses the integrated model of helping individuals and families with mental health, co-occurring and substance use disorders. We provide rehabilitation, support, and transportation services to behavioral health recipients seeking wellness. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Community-Based Family Support
  • Self-help/Peer Service
  • Support Services
  • Socialization Skills Training
  • Wellness Checks
  • Ongoing Support to Maintain Employment
  • Exercise and Nutrition Training
  • Life Skills Training
  • Unskilled Respite Training
  • Psychoeducational Services