The goal of the Successful Journeys integrated care program is to help individuals address and resolve issues in order to reach their full potential and learn skills that will improve their quality of life. Successful Journeys integrated care programs are designed to deliver services to support individuals in meaningful ways and teach them new ways of thinking while developing skills that can be used in their daily life.

Successful Journeys integrated care believes in working with each individual in developing a plan of services that will give them the tools they need to address their mental health issues or barriers. These outpatient services will help our clients build healthy, successful lives.

Successful Journeys Integrated Care uses programs and treatment modalities that are supported by current research and are shown to produce the successful outcomes. We believe it is important to offer our clients the highest quality in programming, designed to meet their individual needs. Successful Journeys Integrated Care programs utilize a cognitive behavioral approach which assists clients in developing new ways of thinking, new skills and knowledge which will help them solve problems and respond in a positive, healthy ways in their daily lives.

All services are offered in English and Spanish.

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Our outpatient programs include:

Individual Counseling

Counseling designed to meet the behavioral health needs/barriers of each individual.


Program is designed to help parents learn to nurture parenting skills at all levels.

Domestic Violence

Groups are gender specific and are conducted in a psycho-educational format with a cognitive behavioral approach.

Life Skills/Healthy Living Skills

We provide education and training to individuals and their families about health-related concerns. These could range from stress management, safe sex practices, HIV education, healthy relationships and other health related topics as needed.

Our outpatient program includes:


Our DUI/DW programming will fulfill court orders and any court requirements.

Psycho-educational Groups

These groups educate individuals and are designed to help them learn to develop new skills.

Anger Management

We offer structured anger management services. We are able to meet court-ordered requirements for individuals dealing with their issues and barriers related to anger issues.

Accommodations for Special Needs Clients

Successful Journeys Integrated Care program locations accommodate individuals with physical disabilities and mobility issues and comply with ADA standards. The office area and restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Successful Journeys Integrated Care also provides skill development needed to succeed in daily life such as problem solving, consumer education and independent living skills. These skills could also include self-care and self-advocacy, healthy friendships, how to avoid exploitation, positive Social skill development and how to access and use community resources

Our leadership development program helps individuals find their own person strengths. We help individuals discover what they are good at and help them develop those skills. We conduct individual personality and aptitude tests, teach and develop skills such as professional communication skills, goal setting, team leadership and develop an individual plan which we implement to build skills such as self-advocacy and other skills needed to become leaders in the community and home.
Successful Journeys Integrated Care holds formal classes for resume development, job search skills and other skills needed to find and keep a job. These skills range from how to search and submit for a job online to interviewing skills. Our program shows individuals how to write resumes, cover letters and other professional documents. We also develop interview skills and skills needed to keep a job such as the importance of punctuality and how to effectively communicate with your boss.
Successful Journeys Integrated Care offers support to individual who have just returned from incarceration. We offer individual counseling and small Peer support groups designed to support individuals as they return from a secure care setting. This could be peer support groups, psycho-educational groups or individual counseling, depending on the need. The re-entry program is designed to address the specific needs of people returning from incarceration and the challenges that come with their return on families, work and other relationships. This would include job searching, developing positive social connections.