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    Successful Journeys Integrated Care (SJIC) provides therapeutic programs for adults impacted by mental illness in a community-based setting.   SJIC is comprised of adult behavioral health residential treatment and rehabilitation services through an integrated model for the stabilization of medical and behavioral health issues.

    Our wide varieties of programs are individualized to meet each person’s unique needs to learn skills for community living.

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    SJIC offers a comprehensive behavioral health community-based residential program for individuals with chronic behavioral, substance use, and general healthcare issues, by allowing the individual to live in the community while being treated.  Our priority is to provide protective oversight and opportunities for people to live as independently as possible while receiving treatment.  This program focuses on symptom relief and managing feelings, which is delivered through our four tenets enmeshed in counseling, health care management, community integration, and service coordination.  Our integrated healthcare model helps to develop skills enabling members to live independently with minimal support.


    Read our 2017 Annual Report below "It was a year of innovation across the agency!"

    SJIC also offers rehabilitation, support, and transportation services to behavioral health recipients. These services include:
    • Screening

    • Assessment

    • Psychosexual Evaluation

    • Psychological Evaluation

    • Counseling (individual, family & group therapy)

    • Medication Management

    • Non-Emergency Transportation

    • DUI/DWI Treatment

    • Sexual Maladaptive Adolescent
      Recovery Treatment (SMART)

    • Residential Treatment


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