The goal of Successful Journeys Integrated Care (SJICARE) is to effectively treat adolescents, adults including seniors and offenders who are suffering from substance-use, medical, acute behavioral, and emotionally disturbed with mental health challenges. We aim to help our members improve their clinical status, decrease their community risk, regain their quality of life and return to functional daily activities in their homes, workplaces and in their community.

    SJICARE offers a plethora of integrated care services for behavioral, mental, emotionally disturbed and medical stabilization. We believe in working with each individual in developing a care plan of services that are structured to address each member’s particular behavioral, sexual, mental, emotional and medical health concern. We help adolescents, adults including seniors and offenders who suffer from substance-use, behavioral, mental, sexual, emotional and medical health problems. We provide screening, assessment, medical, psychosexual and psychological evaluation, counseling (individual, family & group therapy), transportation, medication services, coordination of treatment and aftercare plans with community providers. We work closely with referral sources, families, and community agencies to return members to their daily activities in their homes and work environments.

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    Our Outpatient Programs

    Individual Counseling

    Counseling designed to meet the behavioral health needs/barriers of each individual.

    Anger Management

    We offer structured anger management services. We are able to meet court-ordered requirements for individuals dealing with their issues and barriers related to anger issues.

    Domestic Violence

    Groups are gender specific and are conducted in a psycho-educational format with a cognitive behavioral approach.

    Sexual Maladaptive Adolescent Recovery Treatment (SMART)

    Sexual Maladaptive Adolescent Recovery Treatment (SMART) is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program and is based upon principles of Social Learning theory, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Relapse Prevention and Criminal Thinking Errors, within the context of a comprehensive case management system.

    Our outpatient program includes:


    Our DUI/DW programming will fulfill court orders and any court requirements.

    Psycho-educational Groups

    These groups educate individuals and are designed to help them learn to develop new skills.

    General Metal Health Treatment

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program that combines medication management, pharmacotherapy, and psychotherapy. The primary goals of our general mental health outpatient services are to empower clients by gaining control over past traumas and negative behavior, educate on how to create appropriate social interactions, improve social and communication skills, and correct cognitive distortions concerning poor mood modulation. The program is designed for clients with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders.

    Accommodations for Special Needs Clients

    Successful Journeys Integrated Care program locations accommodate individuals with physical disabilities and mobility issues and comply with ADA standards. The office area and restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

    Successful Journeys Integrated Care also provides skill development needed to succeed in daily life such as problem solving, consumer education and independent living skills. These skills could also include self-care and self-advocacy, healthy friendships, how to avoid exploitation, positive Social skill development and how to access and use community resources.


    Successful Journeys Integrated Care offers support to an individual who has just returned from incarceration. We offer individual counseling and small Peer support groups designed to support individuals as they return from a secure care setting. This could be peer support groups, psycho-educational groups or individual counseling, depending on the need. The re-entry program is designed to address the specific needs of people returning from incarceration and the challenges that come with their return on families, work, and other relationships. This would include job searching and develop positive social connections.

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